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4 Pers.

10 Minuten

6 Minuten


• 400g Del Monte chopped tomatoes
• 4 sun-dried tomatoes
• 250g mini mozzarella balls
• 1 baguette
• 1 tsp balsamic glaze
• 2 cloves of garlic, minced
• Fresh basil leaves
• Garlic-infused olive oil
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Pesto


1)Preheat the oven to 220°C. 2)Grab a deep frying pan and heat up some olive oil to sweat the minced garlic until it starts to brown. Tip the chopped tomatoes into the pan with the balsamic glaze and half of the roughly chopped basil leaves then let simmer for a few minutes while you prepare the bread. 3)Cut the baguette diagonally into long slices and brush with the garlic-infused olive oil on both sides before putting in the oven to toast for around five minutes. 4)Once toasted, remove from the oven and spread the tomato mixture on top with the mini mozzarella balls and the rest of the chopped basil. Drizzle on top with some pesto and a touch more of the balsamic glaze for a deliciously sweet side to the dish.

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